Professional Guest Content Submission

Are you an expert on remodeling or design?

If you are, we would love for you to write for our site. Please read the guidelines below to fully understand what your post should consist of.

We get a number of submissions for guest posts and only publish content that meets our guidelines.

If you would like to write for but don’t know what to write, contact us and we will give you a topic that our site visitors are requesting.

Article Lengths

Here are some rules about how long your content should run:

  • Posts should have a minimum length of 1200 to 5000 words. The ideal length is 2500 words.
  • Content should be in-depth and focuses on one specific topic.
  • Each section (h2, h3) of your post should be around 300-600 words.

Article Formatting

Here are some rules about how your content should be formatted and what to include:

  • Use headers (h1, h2, h3) properly. Titles should be H1, headers should be H2 and sub-headers in H3 and H4 tags.
  • Write percentages as digits.
  • In your headings, you should capitalize all first and last words. All should be capitalized besides words such as (the, an, a, and, etc.) along with conjunctions such as (for, and, or, but, etc.).
  • Do not use span or div tags.

Article Links, Citations and Images

Here are some rules about how your content should utilize links, citations and imagery:

  • Include at least 2 images in your post.
  • Images should be optimized/compressed. Size of images should be no bigger than 50kb.
  • Your first link in the article should be an inbound link to a current and relevant post on
  • Your post should also include 2 inbound links to current articles published on
  • Your post should include at least two outbound links to relevant major publications.
  • Do not link to any publications that are questionable.
  • While it is fine to do some self-promotion, do not make the post into a sales pitch or it will Not be published.
  • If you use a direct quote or research from another publication, use citations to give credit to that author.

SEO Best Practices

Your post should use SEO best practices to insure the best rankings:

  • Only 1 category per post – hitting on one single topic in-depth.
  • Short URL structure.
  • Utilize ATL tags for any imagery used.
  • Do not over crowd content with keywords.
  • HTML best practices including bolding, headers, lists etc.’s Publishing Process

Once you have submitted your post, here is what you can expect:

  • Our editorial team will read and review your content within 48 hours.
  • When you submit your post, you give us the right to edit, add or delete any content we choose in order to fit our visitor intent.
  • If we do edit your post, we will verify it with you before we publish.
  • We typically will publish your post within 48 hours after it has been approved by our team.
  • You may Not post the content you write for on any other website or publication.
  • If your post is a duplicate of a current post on our site, we will not accept it.
  • We have the right to take down your post at anytime if there is any type of conflict.

We will email you back in 24 hours if your topic is approved.